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Payment Options

Single Session Therapy (SST)

Are you looking to meet with a mental health professional who can immediately help you address your pressing issues in a single session? According to research, many clients report that a single session was adequate for their life circumstances. In SST, our therapists capitalize on your strengths and resources, and therapy is based on the idea that the small changes that can be accomplished in one session can lead to larger changes. Our goal is for you to leave the session feeling heard and hopeful, aware of your strengths and resources, and equipped with a new way to think about a problem including perhaps a “next step” for addressing the issue. Single Session Therapy is never the last opportunity that you can meet with one of our therapists – the decision to return and how often is completely up to you.

The cost of a Single-Session Therapy Visit is $40 per 15 minutes. Call us at 512-960-4533 to set up a single-session therapy visit now!

All of our therapists are able to work with patients who self-pay for services, and this private pay route is the quickest way for you to get started with a therapist. Please look at our “self pay rates” tab for more information, and do not hesitate to call us to discuss this option further.

Vida Clinic’s team of experienced clinical therapists has some availability to see clients who are covered by insurances such as Aetna, United, Optum, Sendero and Tricare.

Vida Clinic is committed to making our high quality, customized mental health services accessible to all individuals, including those who typically face barriers to care. To meet this goal, we are invested in the following efforts:

1) We partner with organizations in the community including hospitals, educational institutions and local organizations to quickly connect individuals, groups and families to our care.

2) We work closely with our affiliated non-profit organization, Seek Institute, to develop funding that provides culturally responsive quality care for individuals who face barriers to mental health support.
Psychological Therapy for Support Group


Our fees are based on therapist credentials (doctoral versus master’s level) and experience. Below is a list of estimated costs of services for individuals who choose to self pay. Please do not hesitate to call us if you would like to discuss this option further.
Diagnostic Intake
Starting at $160
Individual Psychotherapy Sessions
Starting at $120
Family Psychotherapy Sessions
Starting at $140
Group Psychotherapy Sessions
Single Session Therapy
$40 per 15 minutes