Vida Clinic

Kent Stormans
Graduate Associate Clinician

Kent is completing his Master’s in Counseling because he believes in the relational healing process. He values getting to explore the most meaningful parts of life with kindness and care. He enjoys working with clients to create an accepting environment where feelings are invited. Kent doesn’t come to the session as an expert with all the answers; he believes the client knows better than him who they are. He approaches clinical work as a supportive listener, creating connection, trust, and space for the truth to emerge. Kent currently works with early school-age children, teenagers, and adults, specializing in individual counseling. He’s skilled in helping clients heal through connection to self, mindfulness techniques, and art / play therapy techniques. Above all, he believes in the freeing power of feeling emotion, connecting the body and mind.

A couple things about Kent – he’s very into meditation and slowing down. More than anything else his favorite thing is to paddleboard with friends in his hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. Confronting systemic oppression is important to him, and as a white male, he wants to dismantle these systems.