Gregory Gorelik, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Gregory Gorelik received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology, with a specialization in Evolutionary Psychology, from Florida Atlantic University in 2015. He specializes in research methods, statistics, and theory-driven hypothesis testing. Gregory has authored or co-authored close to thirty publications in peer-reviewed scholarly journals such as Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Review of General Psychology, and Evolutionary Psychological Science, in multiple edited volumes published by Oxford University Press, SAGE, and Springer, and in science-oriented popular-press magazines such as Quillette and The Creativity Post. As Vida Clinic’s Research and Communications Specialist, Gregory brings scientific rigor and clarity to the evaluation and communication of the behavioral, psychological, and academic outcomes of all clients and patients served by Vida Clinic. In addition to assessing the efficacy of Vida Clinic’s mental health program, Gregory supports Vida Clinic’s therapists and staff in logistical and procedural matters. When not staring at spreadsheets, Gregory likes to hike the trails of Texas with his wife and son, play Bob Marley on his six-string, deadlift, and work on his book.