High Quality Care for School Communities​

Our campus-based clinics provide access to ongoing mental health services for students, families, teachers, and administrators.

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Does my school have a Vida Clinic?

School Services

Vida Clinic offers a menu of tiered school-embedded services that aim to support individuals as well as campus-system needs.

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Client Services

We are here to help individual clients and their families with an array of different services.

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Evidence-based, Outcomes-driven, Quality clinical mental health services in schools


  • On-going clinical therapy
  • Clinical assessments
  • Family & group therapy
  • Consultations & collaboration with school staff and community providers
  • Parent & teacher support programs


  • Person-centered
  • Trauma-informed
  • Outcomes-driven
  • Culturally-inclusive
  • Evidenced-based
  • Confidential
  • Easily accessible

Advantages Of Vida Clinic’s School Mental Health Centers

  • We partner with school counselors to build a system of care for our youth where families and educators are involved in the healing process.
  • We get clients in for services quickly.
  • We work with youth and adults.
  • We de-stigmatize mental health issues on school campuses.
  • Parents do not miss work to take students to therapy.
  • Students miss minimal school to attend sessions.
  • Services are provided year-round.

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This year’s theme for Black History Month celebrates Black health and wellness.
We encourage you to visit the @mentalhealthamerica page to learn about Black pioneers in the mental health field. MHA also created a quality list of Black and African American mental health resources.

1/3 The holiday season is here and due to the ongoing pandemic, some of us may be feeling uncertain about joining our loved ones to celebrate the holidays. Feeling a range of emotions and isolation may be causing some depression and anxiety about being alone or in smaller groups.

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