Evidence-based, Outcomes-driven, Quality clinical mental health services in schools

High Quality Care for Schools

Vida Clinic specializes in school-based mental health and provides a range of services that include individual, family, and group counseling; teacher training and consultation groups; school-wide workshops and trauma-informed culture building.

We are inspired by the desire to create and implement innovative ways of providing high quality mental health services, fostering empowered and healthier communities, including those populations who are typically underserved due to financial need and language barriers.

Vida Clinic programming is available on school campuses, allowing those communities to access services in a timely and convenient manner. We customize our therapeutic approach to meet the needs of individuals and groups being served. Through our partnership with the school district, Vida Clinic aims to help promote awareness, understanding, and empathy in an effort to destigmatize mental health needs.

Working with Patients, Community Representatives and Researchers

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